Pay Per Install sites:

Pay Per Install sites

PPI model is very lucrative and first PPI affiliate I noticed was in 2003. Sometimes are these programs annoying for surfers but you can be surprised how much they can make for you. You are offering a small program which is automatically installed to visitors computer. For this installation you can get from $0.03 to $2.00 conversion ratio is from 1:10 to 1:40 so with 1000 visitors you will make up to $200. It is better than some impression programs because it converts every traffic. There is more and more of these Pay Per Install networks which offer bundle software for adult or non-adult websites. There are also PPI programs offering content locker, there you place simple script to website where you have valuable content and in order to get this content user must install some free software. Other option to make money with pay per install network is to create simple software and bundle it with PPI network SW exe file which would be installed together with your simple SW, than all installs are monetized in case user installs everything.

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InstallUnion PPI is one of the market leaders in Pay Per Install monetization of legitimate software. They provide a clean solution in the installer which can be implemented within few minutes for your current software. You can make much more money with InstallUnion than with other PPI programs. The accept only high quality...
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Are you tired of using resellers of other major PPI? Than come to the source and use InstallCapital PPI program which is having its own installer and one of the best rates in the industry. InstallCapital offers to their webmasters several tools and possibilities how to monetize different type of traffic. You can have music,...


InstallCube – is the web platform for software distribution in legal way, which allows to get profit webmasters on their file-traffic, and advertisers - promote their software. Opportunities for Webmasters: If you have software, file, music or other portal, where people download files – this solution is for...
Install Monster

Install Monster

Install Monster is Russian based PPI and its pages and support is provided also in English. The owner is presented also on Linked in and does not hide anything from the world. It is interesting that earnings are calculated in Rub. Network average CPM is $40 per 1000 launches. If you have your own web-site and you want to make...


CINSTALLER by Cliq Media Ltd. is leading software distribution and monetization platform. They're helping their affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic. CInstaller provides a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo...


When choosing a PPI network, it is important to remember that sometimes it is not always about money (I must mention, Solimba is one of the most competitive on the market).  It is extremely important to have a communicative Account Manager who is capable of out of the box thinking.   The Solimba Account Managers act as Business...


InstallMania is an internet company. Which is willing to pay high amounts of money for DOWNLOAD traffic. * Amazing eCPM - up to 100$ US traffic * US rate per one install up to $3.28 * GB up to $2.02 * FR up to $1.61 * India up to $0.15 They accept traffic from all countries! * Ratio up to 20%. Rates for installs...
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InstalleRex is a unique, smart, cloud based installer, customized to your needs. I noticed this company already few years ago but it was closed for small publishers. Now they accept also smaller publishers with good quality traffic. As Advertiser you get lots of benefits as their installs are much faster which increase...


NetCashRevenue has a great deal for those who want to monetize download/media/filesharing websites. You'll turn your website or social media (FB, YT etc.) traffic into stable income with them. They provide a lot of tools to maximize your revenue such as: * high converting landing pages (Flash Player update, MEGA download, Java...
True Media

True Media Partner

True Media Partner is Pay per install network which is good for download traffic. If you have download portal than you can send your traffic to their landing pages and generate money. They are working very well also with mobile non desktop traffic. On the average 1k of traffic costs about 8 dollars. True Media would provide...
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