Bitcoin mining sites:

Bitcoin mining sites

It looks like people like to get some crypto currencies and Bitcoin BTC is one which is now most visible… its reaching 10.000 USD per BTC and who had few bitcoins in when it started is now millionaire. You can mine BTC and other ecurrencies using special HW which might get outdated. Or you can use cloud mining companies so you don’t worry about mining hardware but you only buy computing power. ROI is for SHA-256 somewhere between 160 – 240% and with growing price of BTC it might be even more. Enjoy Bitcoin mining with following companies.



Coinzilla is an advertising network based in Romania and pays publishers in Bitcoins. The like to have on board Bitcoin related websites however they also accept both adult and non-adult websites. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC, CPM and Pop. Publishers may use this ad network for both desktop and mobile...


Bitcoin mining - way to multiply your affiliate earnings I guess that you know what BTC or Bitcoin is I knew it since they started and unfortunately did not pay attention. But now when BTC is growing and reaching almost 10.000 USD per BTC I started to think how to get some of those Bitcoins. So I took a look and found out we...