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Maximize Your Online Revenue with YesAdvertising All – in- One Metric!

Features Overview

Potent Mix of CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI, CPA Ads – With YesAdvetising’s technology, publishers can make money by showing all relevant CPC, CPM and CPA ads from our 10,000+ active advertisers and maximizing eCPMs.

Ads for All Verticals – covers hundreds of categories like Automotive, Business, Health, Money/Finance, Real Estate, Travel and lots more.

Real-Time eCPM Adjustment
– CAP acts on data insights, customizing user experience and making adjustments in real – time so that new insights can be applied quickly to subsequent campaigns.

Multi-lingual Ads – CAP optimizes campaign performance based on more than 100 different factors including ad spending data, vertical data, ad matrix, campaign goal and other variables.

Dynamic eCPM

To help Publishers improve their revenues from advertising, they believe that having the right offer at the right time helps increase conversions, and which leads to greater earnings as a result. This is where YesAdvertising unique Dynamic eCPM system comes in.

Dynamic eCPM prioritize efficient running of their ad zones, without you doing too much on your part other than watch your payout grow.

By analyzing multiple factors such as ad spending data, vertical data, campaign goal, and others, YesAdvertising dynamically evaluate and place the ads that is the most effective and compatible for your site, with the sole purpose of increasing earnings for you.


They strive to pay Publishers as soon as they earn. Take advantage of their quick payout of every 15 days (1st and 15th of every month) as soon as your account balance reaches $50 USD. Payment methods are PayPal, Check, and Wire Transfer (min $1000).

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