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WEBHOSTING can be problem for some people because they want it free, but what is free it doesn’t have to be best.

There is many webhosting companies offering lot of services. Free webhosting is good for start you even might get domain name over there so it looks like paid but free hosting can be unreliable. Few times happened to me that for one day the site was down what is not good.

Prices for hosting vary, there can be setup fee or you can pay per year. Sometimes you get free domain name. It is important to know if you need some programing language on the hosting like PHP or ASP or CGI or if you want to use database MySQL.
Than is important how much webhosting gives you space and how much bandwidth (in Ggigs per mont). It is good to find webhosting which can easily adopt and you pay per data you transfer only.
If you want to run adult website than some webhosting companies do not like it so you have to look for ADULT WEBHOSTING which is not hard but you pay more because there is usually high bandwidth and more problems for hosting company.
There is more stuff to say about webhosting but I think that you might find some better places than my pages to get more info aout webhosting.
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