Online Payment Systems

Onlline payments

Online payments are used usually to send or receive money without using credit cards

There are some payment systems that you can use to receive money from Affiliate programs. Each of them has different transaction fees and also not all of them you can use in all countries.

Basics about online payment systems

Some of the online payment systems are giving you also VISA/MASTER bank card ( ATM card ) which you can use to withdraw money from any ATM in the world. Some can send you money straight to your bank, paying only local transfer bank fees.
There are also e currency services which are not using real money but you can convert to real money for some fee.
Finally here is the list of ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEMS:
World largest online payment company on Internet is PAYPAL, many affiliate programs support payments by PAYPAL. There is also easy way to accept credit cards with PAYPAL. Paypal now operates in most countries in the world or has limited functionality in some countries. It sends money in local currency via bank. In some countries you can get also ATM card. And if you have website there is nothing easier to get simple donation button to your site and you can get donations from your visitors.
Very common is also Skrill former MoneyBookers which is well established company. The most important feature I find is that there is Escrow service. It basically means that you put money into escrow account where it holds until you receive service or goods. It is good protection when you shop online and you are not sure if the goods comes to you. Skrill has also low fees and you can load your account for free via bank transfer or with some fees when using credit card. I see that Skrill is used mostly by online betting companies, casinos or FOREX and other trading companies. Skrill will provide you with ATM card so you have your money always available worldwide.

Most of the Adult affiliate programs are using as payment method Paxum. Paxum will provide you with Master card debit card which you can easily load once you receive funds made with some of the Paxum affiliate programs.

And the last one and one of most used payment system is Payoneer. That is very simple user friendly online payment solution used by most affiliate programs. If you join Payoneer through this link than you make $25 and you will get it on your account after you receive first $100 from any affiliate program.

There is also big Russian online payment service Webmoney. They are connected with Payoneer so you can send pamynets from Payoneer to Webmoney and from Webmoney withdraw to your bank account. Webmoney payments are mostly used by russian affiliate programs and also by FOREX brokers.

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