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True Media
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5 th Nov 2014

This money making method is based on installs: the offer to the user to download application. When installing it, the software of advertisers will be installed as well (upon the consent of the user).

Lets learn quickly how you can make whole websites and get organic Google traffic and start making money with PPI networks, in this example it is TrueMedia which cooperates with major PPI leading company Amonetize… but this method can be used also with other networks.
Many well-known affiliate programs work with this company too. The fact is that each one of you can also work with this company directly. All you need is to prepare some software for distribution, connect it with the company’s installer, which will be offering various software of advertisers (or bundle this software into your own installer) and promote this product, earning money from installs.

You may ask yourself a reasonable question: why do I need TrueMedia at all?

TrueMedia can offer you the following:
A huge set of promotional materials (tens banners, millions keywords, feeds, various bases of content and so forth)
Tens landing pages and full-featured sites

  • morenewmedia.com/download.php?name=%Keyword%
  • wellmediaonline.com/download.php?name=%Keyword%
  • smartmediasearcher.com/download.php?name=%Keyword%
  • yourfreebooksnow.com/ – 1.5 million books
  • greatvideosdownloads.com/ – 300 thousand films
  • onlinemusicfiles.com/ – 1.5 million albums, 18 million songs
  • digitalsoftwareonlinenow.com/ – 100 thousand apps
  • bestgamesfiles.com/ – 25 thousand games

You can create, develop similar sites with provided engines and tools
There are a tools for export of content to such engines as DLE and WordPress dle.wellmediaonline.com/ wordpress.wellmediaonline.com/
Available scripts for various mass operations with a content: text generation, synonymization, dividing content bases on several smaller ones and so forth.
When working with TrueMedia Partner and similar PPI network you can be sure that the user may not always get the same product, he was planning to download at first. But he’ll install a really powerful and functional application, which he’ll be able to download a plenty of things.


That application is a full-featured torrent-client:

  • It is inferior to utorrent probably only in smaller amount of rarely used functions
  • The built-in searcher of torrents
  • Search is made on TrueMedia way; they have indexers, constantly parsing the largest trackers
  • At the time being the base consists of more than 20 million torrents; this is one of the largest bases on the Internet
  • You can try their software at http://promptdownloader.com/ – when installing it, pay attention to checkboxes about installation of advertisers’ software. Unless you really want to install it.

With TrueMedia you would get following conditions:
– Payments each week (in Amonetize – once a month)
– 2 weeks hold (in Amonetize – 30-45 days)
– They pay in PayPal, Paxum, Epese, eCoin, Webmoney, Wire Transfer. They’ll try also to add any other payment system, meeting your requirement.
– Friendly and professional support staff

Their services cost only 20%(from Amonetize commission), you get the other 80%. It is necessary to note that due to great volumes, their rate is a bit higher, than standard one. Thus you lose even less than 20%.

On this page you can see average and maximum commissions for install depending on the country

Average install rates:

(Country Average Max)

  • US $0.81 $1.82
  • GB $0.29 $0.86
  • CZ $0.07 $0.09
  • DE $0.22 $0.50
  • NL $0.10 $0.38
  • NO $0.12 $0.20
  • CA $0.31 $0.80
  • AR $0.06 $0.21
  • AT $0.12 $0.23
  • AU $0.26 $0.92
  • IE $0.12 $0.20
  • IN $0.05 $0.08


Though it is of small objective importance, since it’s not clear what kind of traffic is measured, but there are still a lot of questions about it. So here is statistics of one of their partners
This is neither the best, nor the worst statistics. This statistics corresponds approximately to average indexes of the whole affiliate program now. So it is some kind of universal download-mix (here are about 10% of US).

To summarize, all you need here to start making money is to get domain name but before join TrueMedia and investigate what content is provided and what are you interested in so you can get nice domain name matching the content. Than you use the tools provided by TrueMedia to generate content together with WordPress. Than you start promoting your website, submitting to directories and search engines, it would be eventually picked up and indexed and as you would have thousands keywords with content (suggesting to modify as much as possible not to have duplicate content) than you get also some decent traffic…. this step you can repeat with different domain and different niche.

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