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7 th Oct 2016

InstallUnion PPI is one of the market leaders in Pay Per Install monetization of legitimate software. They provide a clean solution in the installer which can be implemented within few minutes for your current software.

You can make much more money with InstallUnion than with other PPI programs. The accept only high quality websites with higher traffic volumes. Here are some of the basic rules:

1. Only legitimate software installs (no cracks,torrents etc). That could be for example video downloader, converters or other legit software.
2. Minimum is to deliver at least 300 installs per day.

This company will be your stable and long term partner as it offers clean solution, bimonthly payments and one of the highest rates. The rates for US installs can be up to $2.
The terms are net15 with PayPal or Bank wire.

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