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17 th Oct 2016

TribalAdNetwork is an online advertising network which was funded in 2015. They are serving ads from potential advertisers and reputable publishers.

Their network uses artificial intelligence to match your website with the highest paying ads per 1000 impressions based on Click-Thru Rate (CTR), advertiser bid pricing and resulting conversion data.

The revenue models of this ad network are CPC and CPA. Publishers get revenue based on clicks and conversions. The rates ranges from $0.1-$0.90 per click. Tribal Ad Network review sites before approving them. Be prepared that you would be asked to provide also server stats in order to prove origin of your traffic. This way is TribalAdNetwork making sure that they get only quality traffic to make advertisers happy so they can get better rates which are than paid to you as publishers.

What I find most interesting is their special educational tool “FREE Click Arbitrage Webinar” there you can learn for free how to make money without any investment into traffic. With this method you can learn how to earn 30-70% PROFIT R.O.I. GUARANTEED EVERY DAY. This method is available only to network publishers.

There are not many requirements your site needs to meet in order to join… Accepted are not Adult or Warez sites and obviously illegal content.

There are several types of ad formats.

Payments are sent based on NET30 and minimum payment is $50 and payments are sent via Paypal.

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