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29 th Jan 2015

OgMobi = OgAds

OgMobi is specialized ad network for mobile traffic. They can offer you various ad formats like Mobile Locker, Smart Link, Offer API or Android/iOS SDK in future. Those are for incentive traffic and for non incentive there are also Popup widgets.

All this is promoting other apps that user would download and you would make money from those installs.

Mobile Content Locker Information.

A mobile content locker should be used to monetize premium mobile content where users need to install free apps to unlock.

Content that is not prohibited to lock includes but is not limited to hacks, viruses, and fake content.

Incentive app installs will only be used with the mobile locker.


Smart Link

Redirects the end user to the best converting offer for their country and device.

Popup Widget Information.

The mobile popup widget should be used to monetize the general mobile traffic of any website you own.

Higher paying non incentive app installs will be used with the popup widget.

You may not use the popup widget with any type of incentive websites or campaigns.

OgMobi has also easy to navigate stats and standard payment terms NET30. Publishers earning $5,000+ per month are eligible for NET 15 payments.

Minimums Required to Receive Payment: PayPal: $50, ACH: $100, Checks within USA: $100, Checks outside the USA: $125, Wire transfer: $500.

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