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21 st Feb 2015

When choosing a PPI network, it is important to remember that sometimes it is not always about money (I must mention, Solimba is one of the most competitive on the market).  It is extremely important to have a communicative Account Manager who is capable of out of the box thinking.   The Solimba Account Managers act as Business Development individuals who recognize the importance of analyzing, monitoring and optimizing each and every publisher that is a part of the Solimba family.  Publishers that work with Solimba are more than part of a portfolio, they are Partners.

The Solimba staff are trained to create win/win situations.  Solimba recognizes that with open lines of communication, the channel to exchange ideas and develop areas of growth is accessed which inevitably benefits all parties involved.

Solimba is extremely cautious when selecting its Advertisers.  They are aware that you are committed to provide quality traffic, and in turn, they will provide quality buyers.  Solimba contracts with premium and reputable entities, assuring a positive user experience when your content is downloaded. They apply a user-centric approach, giving you an installer platform that is the fastest, easiest and friendliest monetization process on the market.

The traffic provided to the advertisers is on a PPI basis. The rates can vary by GEO. Tier one countries earn more revenue as the traffic is in high demand. Solimba has one of the most competitive installers on the market as they only contract with premium advertisers.

Solimba is commited to its advertisers and will only provide traffic of the highest quality. They do not accept incentive traffic or traffic from sources such as adult entertainment or gambling.

The payment terms depend greatly on your traffic. Typically, Solimba will contract on a NET 30 arrangement. However, they are flexible and will change terms with Publishers that provide high volumes. The payment method is usually Bank transfer or Pay pal.

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