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2 nd Jul 2008

CPALead is very good alternative to other pay per install programs which are used as content protection.
CPALead has the same function and you can protect your content with them using very effective content lockers.
That gateway will give option to the visitor complete some offers (survey, email submit, …) and if they do, you get paid at least $1.
This way you can make much more than some other pay per install program using similar content protection gateways.
CPA Lead has also other tools like exit traffic or you can use it as classic CPM network where you get targeted banners to your website. Other are, Download widget, file locker, link locker or virtual currency.

Newly CPA Lead has also content lockers customized for adult traffic so you can lock your adult website content.
CPALead adult

There are all the time new offers so also repeating visitors are counted and also visitors from all world so you can convert any traffic. Payments are in Paypal, Check or Payoneer and minimum payment is $100 which should be very easy to reach.


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  2. This addon in a website is very annoying and discourages people from going onto the site since it s a real time waster. A lot of sites are just for show and are just trying to get paid from cpalead. Such as online movies which don t even work after you have completed as surveys. What CPAlead is doing is highly inefficient as people can just make dozens of fake websites which incorporate the surveys. Since the survey comes up first, the user doesnt know if the content actually works and can easily be fooled into completing surverys and not getting anything in return. It s a total annoyance and I don t trust these shifty sites as you are giving your personal information away. Also people are creating more effective programs than adblock like me, cause companies like them piss me off which will eventually neutralize the effects of the surveys and gain access to the website. This will lead to the demise of many fake websites and eventually dickhead companies like CPAlead.

  3. uhuyy, nice…

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