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12 th Apr 2015

CINSTALLER by Cliq Media Ltd. is leading software distribution and monetization platform.

They’re helping their affiliates achieve maximum income by providing high quality tools to monetize their website or social traffic.
CInstaller provides a lot of optimized, high converting software products, landing pages and promo stuff.

With their high customizable installer you can earn money from each installation of your free software or even freeware database.

Their monetization tools are significantly increasing revenue from website or social media traffic.

You’ll feel secure with on-time and on-demand payments. Just contact your Affiliate Manager to setup individual payment terms.

CInstaller is constantly working with their business partners to provide highest payouts for our affiliates.
In CInstaller afiliate program Fixed Rate (fixed price per install) is set as default and is preferred for most affiliates. However, on a request we can switch your account to Rev Share (revenue share) model. Revenue Share pricing model can be more profitable than Fixed Prices for users who has a lot of traffic from low paying countries.

Friendly and helpful support team cooperates with affiliates to advice them how to achieve maximum income.

Their automatic payment cycle is biweekly. Money earned from 1-15 will be paid at 16th and money earned 16-31 will be paid 1st of next month. If 1st and 16th are not a business day, then payout will be send on the following business day. However, if you reach your declared minimum, you can request payment manually – in this case your earnings will be paid within next 2 business days.

You would be paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Wester Union or Bitcoin. All accounts will be paid in US dollars ($US) unless otherwise specified. Minimum payment is only 100$ for wire and WU for the rest 1$.

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