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Xapads says that they have biggest contextual advertising network with numerous campaigns running in for the publishers, the campaigns are CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Metric) and CPA (Cost Per Action) based, ensuring something for every publisher. Only Releveant text & banner ads will be published/displayed on your website which guarantees the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) and hence $$$$s are generated daily for you by your website. The payout rates are one of the best in the industry with minimum Payout Amount, Xapads supports a number of ways including Paypal as the payment method.


  1. Hello, I have been using Xapads from past sometime now.. I have earned around $856.60 from then in last 3 months.. They paid via paypal on Net 35 Terms. the server takes sometimes to load sometimes, but its worth a wait.. There $0.50 CPM banners rocks

  2. Awesome service, Fast Server, Good CPM, Fast Payouts.. What else do you need This is a genuine company, really paying the publishers.

  3. What is cost per metric And What Is Cost Per Action

  4. I have earn in last 3 Month 600$ but they did t pay me. they are cheap and fraud. and second thing i have to tell you that if we have 1 impression they have 5 cuz they are using iframes. if some one want any proof i have to give them…

  5. They paid in the beginning. Though not on time but the fact that they DID pay is what matters. NEVER NET-35.. always NET-60 or more.. and I ve been their publisher since they started, so I know. Anyway, my $50 chunk is still remaining and they ve gone MUUTE DEAD BURIED seems that they re getting new advertisers and their publisher base DOES seem to increase, but they aren t paying their old publishers… something s really wierd I must say ajay sharma or some other first name sharma WHERE ARE YOU

  6. This is the worst company to work with. I am an advertiser and They took my money and never sent me the traffic. Its been over 75days. They have no chain of command, they don t return phone calls or emails and have the worst communication skills. I gave them so many weeks to return my money, multiple phone calls and emails. All they did was keep jerking me around, and then they had the nerve to tell me that maybe Bank of America lost the money. Yeah ok. When I asked for proof, the ceo NITIN GUPTA kept stalling and saying it would be refunded tomorrow, it would be this, that, etc. I finally had to dispute the charge of $1000, which I did not want to do. DO NOT work with this Mom Pop company–they will rip you off Ajay Sharma, Nitin Gupta, etc..these are worthless human beings who have no value for clients hard earned cash. On top these bastards dont even return email or phone calls. I had to make Calls FROM USA so many times to their phony company in India. On top these guys are always on HOLIDAYS all the damn time as INDIA has festivals every damn month.

  7. xapads.com is a scam company…. never paid stay away from there

  8. I am doing business with them since last one year. There is no problem in payment and communication. If somebody is facing it there must be some technical problem. xapads is genuine company… talk to me…

  9. They never pay me.Th deal was net 60 days but 5 month gone no payment from them. Even they do not accept phone call when you ask them to release the payment. Also they do not reply any of your email which is related to payment. It seems they are cheater. I just removed their ads and I loose 2500USD which was my revenue from them.I am ready to give all proof if you need. I hope the ceo Nitin will take an action and will release my payment. At beginning they will show you proper CTR but after 2 month they will suddenly decrease it to 1 10th. They are cheater so always stay away from them.

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