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9 th Nov 2009

Most PPI programs turnedram into private prog and you can get in only on recommendation. So please contact me first for more info at ICQ 57six-0six0-352.

These private PPIs are revenue share based that pay percentage from revenue from your installs. They will provide you with “Pay Per Click” and “Cost Per View” solution. EXE can live minimally 25 days and make money for you every day. 1K USA installs can make 8$-16$ per day (8$ X 25 days = 200$ per install minimum). EXE is provided on request and accepted are webmasters who can deliver more than 100 installs per day. They accept installs only from US, CA and GB. Payments are done twice per week always on 3rd and 18th of the month via webmoney and others on request.


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