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LoudMo is great PPI company somewhere between old ZangoCash, new PinballNetwork and Vombacash. Loudmo has inovative tools that will convert for sure. Their Chameleon Tom is free Facebook skin modification SW, than there is BabelFish – online language translation SW supporting over 75 languages and also FLVdirect which gives you access to thousands of movies that you can watch for free. Loudmo pays $1.50 per US install and its Tier 1 than there are some other EU and non EU countries in other tiers paying less and lastly Tier 4 pays $0.03 per install and these are all other countries arround world so you can convert also Asian traffic with htese great products. If you have free conent on your site that is hard to find on Internet than you should lock it with Gateway protector and you get paid every time someone wants to see your content and install simple uninstalable application.


  1. LoudMo is the best thing to happen to PPI in a long time, they have great new tools and the LoudMo staff is very flexible to creating tools or bundles, I have made lots of money with LoudMo in just one month and I think many more will also. I cant wait to see the new LoudMo site chameleontom.com no other PPI program as this type of site and marketing tool. I say all of you should take the time to try LoudMo if you have not already.

  2. This is by far the most annoying thing that have ever happened to my PC. LoudMo SUCKS and trys to rip people off with fake Winner banners. It s almost a virus… Just annoys the living crap out of me… LoudMo SUCKS Fraudulent at it s best

  3. LoudMo is the the equivalent of telemaketing for you PC. IT SUCKS. I hope the go under soon.

  4. Virus. Do not get.

  5. haha I love these comments.. and yes its a virus keep away from it

  6. LoudMo is pretty good for an affiliate program. They keep adding new things to promote, so it s keeping me busy.

  7. Horrible stats and reports. Sub-par product offerings. Terrible support. Overall, I have been with them for about a week and can say they are not worth doing business with. I sent 80 people to the referral link and they say that none of them signed up. Hmm, considering that I was one of those 80 and went in from a unique IP and computer and was approved, I should at least have 1. Stay away.

  8. i joined and within a day or 2,i was constantly hounded to add more sensitive info for my payout just in case they had to send it elsewhere.i trusted to do so because this site recommended them.than after doing so,i added their tools which was for my traffic to download their toolbar for bing.com.that toolbar led to massive popups that were popping up all day long no matter what site i was on.that was too much,so i removed the toolbar,only to still get those popups from loudmo.it turned into a virus.i tried contacting them and was replied to once until they continued on avoiding me.worst than that once i removed their tools,my money in my account started diminishing and settled for half of what i generated.than they never even paid me that.they sent me a check through paypal,even though i had no paypal account listed in my account with loudmo.my account said i was to be sent a check.that check never came.it s been months now and still no reply from loudmo.

  9. Plus they do not promote bing toolbar… you had to download it elsewhere. I checked with manager and he says you got paid anyway… If not than pls contact me and I try to sort it out.

  10. Loudmo never paid out with checks, and they ask for 2 payout methods in-case one of them fails they can still get the funds sent out to you. They also don t promote any type of adware anymore and are McAffe certified so not sure what pop up issues you are having but its not from LoudMo

  11. webmoney..I would like to know if there is certain amount of clicks required on loudmo banner before they start counting per download ..for example..if I signed up today and added there banner on my site..will I get credit if first person clicks on banner and install there tool

  12. I wonder,only webmoney samyinstalls are happy with ludomo..rest of the webmaster are disappointed with loudmo.com..I googled about the site review and people are warning and most of them rating loudmo.com as Scam..too much complain for not been paid on time..they are not tracking per lead etc etc.

  13. sirdanger: there are complains but if you read carefully its always solved so payments were always sent but not always exactly NET 30. Performace is worse but its caused by fact that in the beginning there was many webmasters trying to cheat Loudmo and their product got in trouble with AV companies which is these days also solved since they are partnering with major AV company and all files are clean and scanned every day few months. You should get credit with first install but do not try it on your PC, it would not be tracked I guess. If you install gateway than you need to wait until its approved by manager. My simple movie website where I test affiliate programs is getting about 200 visitors and makes about 3USD daily with Loudmo where half of visitors comes from SE. So you can calculate yourself how much you can make.

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