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21 st Jul 2014

Startapp is based on search based monetization for the app world. The company focuses on the Android platform and pays per app downloaded. Apps come bundled with add on software which comes in the form of a new search function on screen.

StartApp is a mobile advertising platform founded in late 2010. StartApp deals with the two main parts of the mobile industry today: the monetization challenge that application developers face when trying to generate substantial revenue from their applications, and application distribution – earning a substantial number of downloads worldwide.

StartApp is a major player in the mobile advertising scene, with headquartered in New York and offices in San Francisco, Israel, China and India, and a global presence at numerous mobile events from small meetups to international conventions.

Users download the SDK to their phones, add their disclaimer to their apps, publish the app on the market and for every download afterwards they are paid. The company pays $50 for every 1000 downloads and offers easy and fast integration. There are currently over 5m users using Startapp which plans to grow significantly and has already been featured in Techcrunch.

  • Out of app monetization ensures apps are kept ad-free and provide a better user experience
  • Can be used with other in-app advertising services
  • Highly-targeted campaigns can support rich media and video ads
  • Ads can be run on the Startapp AppWall to reach users searching for new apps
  • StartApp is a new monetization and distribution platform focusing on free applications for mobile phones.

    Startapp partners with app developers to help them make more money from their free apps by introducing search monetization to the mobile world.

    Ad formats provided by StartAp:

    Interstitial – Flexible full screen ad appear at any point you choose

    Native Ad – Match the look and feel of your app by blending ads into the app interface

    Banner – Cutting-edge 3D Banner with high eCPM and attractive design

    Exit Ad – Show an ad when user exits your app using the back button (Android)

    Slider – Intuitive sliding Banner shows offers and apps appealing to users (Android)

    Splash – Show an ad while your app is loading (Android)

    Revenue generated on your account at the end of each calendar month is paid on a NET30 basis in your preferred method: eCheck, wire transfer, PayPal, paper check, or ACH (US Developers Only)

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