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Have been trying out different kinds of new sponsors since I have had trouble making $$$ with them regular sponsors, now I ve tried out this one, and for once it seems like I am making some nice $$$ for all my hard work! This FREE software which is offered to your surfers will earn you a lot. Per one instalation you get $0.06 with avarage 1:6 ratio. It mean that with 600 visitors to your site you will make up to 100X0.06=$6. You can choose if to promote adul or nonadult software. It is not dialer!!! And it is absolutely FREE for surfer!

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  1. It looks like that their domain is not active anymore so I decided to not recomend this site to you. If you were using this sponsor I have more similar sponsors that pay much more and are sending money thru epassporte, wire or checks.

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