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All webmasters in the per install program now earn $0.15 per install on week days and $0.20 during weekends! This offer is valid from 2004-02-17.

If the user clicks yes and installs our search software, you are credited 1 install worth $0.15 on week days and $0.20 on weekends or if you choose the CPM program you are credited $5.00 every 1000 impressions of the Active X console. It is as simple as that. You can also customize how your users are prompted to maximize your installs or downloads, depending on the way you choose to go, so you are sure to convert your traffic into big cash!


  1. I am surprised with my installation ratio It is now like 1:15. It works with each traffic. I have like 600 visitors and 300 instalations is counted. It means that one half of surfers have some popup killers or activex disabled.

  2. From 17th March 2004 is installed new ActiveX software which should increase installations and it did from my previous 1:15 it grown up to 1:8 so now I am making almost 2 times more.
    I almost forgot that there is also referral system that pays $100 per referred webmasterheshe has to have 10000 pointsinstalls to be paid.

  3. This one looks too good to be true Could anyone please respond if they actually do pay as promised Thanx, Id appreciate it very much.

  4. Actualy I am in contact with webmaster. Support is by email or ICQ, response could be faster. Right now I am waiting for my first check, so we will see:

  5. I have my first check from them 166.40 USD. There are some changes to this affiliate program such as different referral payments and some kind of competition where you can win some nice money. Referral program now pays $100 for new active webmaster and 10 of his earnings.

  6. They do pay, but they severely undercount the number of installs… Be careful I joined another similar program and my number of installs tripled. Its remained stable ever since. So be careful

  7. So, could you share with us what program you joined and is 3 times better

  8. Hello YES, be sure they pay …. i received my first payment perfectly on time of 369$Then another good wire of 1053$ and now im wating for 2340$ more or less ….Im sure to receive their wire on time as usual this month july.Greetz from Italy

  9. Searchbarchash is now lounching new program loudcash which should be even better and we should earn more money. Payments there are now $0.20 per install and $5 CPM, plus 5% referral program. [Edited by admin]

  10. loud cash aint bad i would like to find something that has better installs is a scam dont bother with it thay dont pay out if someone can help me out just email also msn

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