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15 th Nov 2002

TradeDoubler is the leading European provider of performance based marketing solutions and affiliate programs. To date, we have the largest European network of affiliates and we are growing rapidly. This Program pays per clicks up to 15p and for leads and sales too and for new referral you have extra 2 GPB.


  1. Hi,I would be very interested to know your opinions on affiliate programs on the internet.This year I have tried several different programs only to have problems with every one of them when it comes to being paid the commissions owed.Tradedoubler have several loan companies that pay per lead for a secured loan application, i thought this was a good idea for a business so obtained my consumer credit licence and signed up to the life loans 180 affiliate program on the tradedoubler site. I receive 30 commission for every applicant i generate even if the applicant gets turned down for a loan, tradedoublers terms and conditions state that you get paid 2 months in arrears – busineess done in march you get paid in may on the 17th of the month. In March of this year i put 5 leads through my lifeloans affiliate program expecting to receive my 30 commission for each lead on the 17th of May 2004, on march 31st lifeloans 180 cancelled all my leads as they thought i was making them up, after a lengthy discussion over the telephone with them they agreed that the leads were genuine and said the commission would be reinstated to my tradedoubler account and they informed tradedoubler the same day. On the 1st of april the commission was reinstated and i thought everything was ok, however because tradedoubler didnt reinstate my commission until the next day and this carried over to the following month i have been told today that it is very unfortunate but you will not be paid until the 17th June. This is not the first time i have had problems with affiliate programs that dont pay when they are supposed to or even worse, dont pay at all.Afiliate programs are a very good idea if they are ran properly by the companies concerned, but i would be very interested to know how many of your readers have had similiar experiences with such programs, as in my experiance they are a long way short of being a viable business option and surely need scrutinizing.Please let me know your thoughts and the experiances of others.Many RegardsJason ByrnesProprietorGet More credit Broker No. 550036

  2. no

  3. I m a first timer, as i have just signed up to quite confusing zanox, and tradedoubler too. I will keep people posted on my experience

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