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TopConverting Topconverting offers you an amazing way to convert and monetize all your US traffic. Our current concepts are all top converters with an average conversion rate of 1:6!
You can either choose to promote Topconverting by advertising our free games or to integrate the content protection ActiveX into your site. Every time one of your surfers installs our software you get paid! Join Topconverting today, add our highly addictive flash games or ActiveX code to your site and start making money right away!
Increase and convert your traffic and make more money! We offer you $0.15 every time your US visitors install the free gaming software or accept the content protection ActiveX. So what are you waiting for?


  1. We are very pleased to announce that from October the 1st all affiliate payouts will be raisedto $0.20 per US install and $0.05 per international install made in the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

  2. Great support coming from these guys plus they paid me on time

  3. I have tested Topconverting and it seems that their conversions are the highest of all programs I have tried so far. Definitely worth a good try

  4. TopConverting is realy good not only for gaming traffic. Now they introduced think that everyone will like. You can create free content for your webpages. You can have now free movies adult or funny, free games, free icons, free screensavers and other stuff. Visitors get something free but for full access they will have to download and it is your money oportunity.

  5. i used them, they have good support but i cant trust to them, because i asked to them are you from netherland, they said me no, but all their mails come from a netherland ip : and when they enter my site i see netherland in the my web site stats, sorry guyz, all dutch people are potentiel ripper for me

  6. i dont recommend them install spyware, vpacash com is the best.

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