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Simpletraffic is the Internet leading affiliate program, offering their partners the ability to promote their elite list of desktop applications and websites. There is no better way to convert your traffic into instant cash! Every visitor you send to their advertisers will result in fast cash for you. You can promote adult and mainstream products with SimpleTraffic. You get paid per downloads and aswell if you referred webmasters make money.


  1. i like this site its gratethey bring me support and really good products probably the best…

  2. Outstanding, very good products and excellent customer support.

  3. Best Site ever

  4. Love this site.

  5. Nices site I really like it. Very good products and excellent.

  6. Very good program. Excellent offers and products. Great conversion rate

  7. High quality products, outstanding customer support.

  8. Very good experience.Wide variety of products and good conversion.

  9. excellent site … do you know more aout it

  10. It sucks due to one thing.It installs about 10-12 programs on a users computer which help to crash users computer.It is too much.AT the most 4 programs should be installed.0.15$ is alos a very low rate as most of the companies are paying 0.2$ per install.Dont try this one folks u will loose ur customers clients

  11. did someone received there payment

  12. Spyware, trojan horse.

  13. they used to be good but they dont pay anymore

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