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4 th May 2006
Whenever one hears of the words High Yield Investment Program, it isn’t unnatural to find people shivering in their boots. And why not, high investment can only mean high risk, can’t it. And to top it all, there are always people willing and wanting to take advantage of those who are gullible enough to part with their hard earned money on a second’s notice.

Because of these factors, High Yield Investment Programs have gained a notoriety that some other elements can only envy. This reputation has dissuaded serious investors from even regarding them and encouraged the shadier elements of the financial district to set up shop using such.

Actually, it’s quite a pity since High Yield Investments Programs, when legit, can actually be a very valuable tool in generating personal wealth. If you are smart and discerning you will find wonderful opportunities to increase your investment by a sizeable margin.

The word for the day is that, not all of them are scams, there are actually programs that have been used for years and have been able to create success stories out of everyday Joes and Marys just like you and me. While many high yield investments are also high-risk, you can look around and find legitimate high yield programs that are not only legitimate but wonderfully productive as well.

There are two types of HYIPs (or High Yield Investment Programs), others have to do with banking or investment in some offshore trading company with shady rules and cryptic technicalities, and these are the ones you will want to avoid. The other kind is the transparent kind that involves investment in shares, gold, futures or other local, understandable and verifiable trading setup.

When looking for a HYIP that will lead you to success in your quest for personal wealth, look always towards the programs that emphasize transparency. You will want to know how the program develops and what you can expect in return. You will also want a tangible contact. A tangible contact means you can actually talk to the person on the phone or through email. Make sure you can ascertain the legitimacy of his trading and his person.

If a HYIP is promising too much, let’s say an 80% return on investment, you have to be wary. Although HYIPs generally give a higher than normal return rate, ROIs that make your eyes pop out are signs to look out for in a bogus enterprise. If they can promise really good rates, then make sure they explain how they can get to that amount. If that is not the case, run for it; the enterprise is probably bogus.

If you are trying an HYIP, then make sure you start small. This way you get to test the waters for stability, legitimacy and other factors as well. If you can check with Better Business Bureaus then that would be an added security on your part and is always good practice when investing in anything.

That is not to say that all HYIPs are not legit. It is only saying that there are many that define the name of HYIP. However, if you do look with discernment and perseverance, you are bound to find a jewel in the rough that will lead you all the way to wealth and success. Good luck hunting!

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  1. dear sir, i would have liked to come openly and sight examples of your investigated legitimate high yield investments.point to a blog for more clarity and direction.thanks ifeanyi okongwu

  2. Yes your point was right all the hyips are not scam. So many legitimate hyips are available. Hyip users must be careful in choosing the best hyip script software for earning more.

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