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4 th May 2006
Everyday about three dozen new HYIP sites come out offering to be the solution to your financial dreams and promise you a life fulled with riches and satisfaction. I’ll tell you right off the back there lying. Yes, these HYIP sites are straight out lying to you. Studies show that %99 of HYIP sites are scam, and from my experience this statistic holds true. HYIP stands for High Yield Investing Program. When we think of investing we think of Wall Street, Stocks, Bonds, and all that good stuff but on the internet HYIP is just a coverup scam sites use to take away your money. Most HYIP sites are Ponzi Scams. The name Ponzi comes from the man Charles Ponzi who scammed millions of dollars from his Friends, Family, Coworkers, etc. Charles Ponzi paid out his original investors from the investment of others, the same type of scam happens today. The basic setup for scams is that a new HYIP site comes up claiming they are backed up by Forex Trading. They say all these words to draw you in there trap and at first they probably do pay you, however a few weeks later the site will run away with all the money from investors and you will be left in the dirt. Hundreds of new HYIP sites are made every week and people still fall into their scams, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a group of a small individuals just massively making new HYIP’s due to the fact that people keep investing (and losing) money in them. Now by reading the first couple of paragraphs, your probably now scared into investing anything online, which is okay, HYIP’s are usually run as games and when the payout reaches a certain percentage they stop paying and start a new round. People usually get carried away because they see there making money so they invest all the money they make back into the same program, that’s mistake number one. First thing you DO not want to do with HYIP’s is reinvest your principal money, take that out ASAP and play only with your profits. There are many more common mistakes and I will discuss them in the upcoming paragraphs.

The 5 ways to avoid being scammed

1) Take back your principal investment As mentioned above, when you invest in a program and receive your money back in addition with your profit, invest only the profits! When you do it this way you now have no risk in losing your money in HYIP’s, you’ll just lose your profits and nothing else. What you may also want to do is instead of investing all of your profit, invest %75 of it and keep %25 of it. That way no matter what you come out a winner. Remember take up your principal deposit and play with profits!

2) Study the website Studying a website does take some research, but it will help you in the long run. If you see a HYIP site claiming to be backed up by Forex ask them for some of there records to see if there telling you the truth or lying. Do a Whois lookup on their domain name to see if there around as long as they say, ask the admin questions, call them if a number is provided, email them and see if they respond. HYIP Scammers are always in a rush and want to get your money and leave ASAP, real HYIP admins won’t lie to you and will take the time to answer your questions truthfully, do your homework and you will be awarded! 3) Check the Interest If a program is offering more then %10 a day, it is off the back a Ponzi Scam. This does not mean do not invest with them, but it does mean that they are a ponzi and are probably running their HYIP in a game type format (when payout reaches X the next round will become) or they are relying on paying your investments with the investment of new investors. The reason I can say that if a program offers more then %10 that they are a Scam or a Game is because real professional traders can’t possibly offer returns as high as %20-50 profit per day, that is unrealistic and if they DO offer those rates they are probably running a game HYIP or ponzi HYIP. Check the Interest, you can still make money if a program is a ponzi or game but if you want a reliable program you should settle for %2-5 daily.
-Note: The same goes with referral rates, if they are large and unrealistic such as receiving %30 the program is most likely scamming/tricking you in one way or another.-

4) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket I’m sure you heard the expression “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” well this is true, especially for online investment. If you put $50 into a program, they could run off the next day, and now your left with $0. The smart thing to do is that if you have $50 is to invest $10 into 5 different programs, that way you are almost guaranteed to make some type of profit. The more diversifying the more monitoring and tracking you have to do, but the more money you make, don’t be lazy, do some work!

5) Don’t let your emotions run you over Okay so you invested $100 and received %100 profit. You have $200 and confident that you can double that you immediately reinvest it. Happily, you receive your $400 and quickly reinvest that to make $800, however for some reason you don’t get your $800, instead you get nothing, the program just ran away! Yes, that is right, don’t let emotions control you, people do crazy things when they think they could be making a lot of money, don’t invest to much money into HYIP as in the long run you will probably lose out, instead follow the rule number 1 and you should come out ahead. From reading this article you learn 5 essential tips that will help you identifying if a HYIP is a scam or not, when and if you should invest, and how to minimize your risk of losing your money. If you follow these strategies you should be making money with HYIP’s instead of losing them. Have fun and happy earning

About author:
Raiel Schwartz the admin of http://www.truemonitors.com has been in the HYIP game for several months and has learned how to make the most profit on online opportunities such as Autosurfs, Get Paid To, and HYIP’s.


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