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Of all marketplaces, the internet is the most effective. User patterns can be tracked very accurately. Every year our advertising customers increase their revenues with us. And our consistently positive performance shows: we are on the right track. SevenAds is an global affiliate network – connecting advertisers with publishers. Let us be your “Network of Choice” as well – a partner in the future.


Layer ads are javascript based popups that appear whenever a visitor visits a site that contains a layer ad code. Layer ads are not seen as popups and therefore are not blocked by browsers. The big advantage is that your advertisement reaches 100% viewing.

Pop-/ Popunder

Pop ads are highly effective. The latest pop-window trend to hit the Internet was the popunder ad. Popunder windows are less intrusive than the popups and even more effective.
The following creatives are served via SevenAds:

Banners at 428×60, 728×90, 300×300, 250×20, 160×600 and 120×600, LayerAds, Floating Ads, Popups, Popunders.


YieldAds, their Advertising Partner offers global audience networks in the world to drive traffic to advertisers on a performance-based approach. YieldAds matches the right audience to advertisers with our advanced targeting technology, serving over 2 billion impressions across all channels each month.

If you have a web site, how can you make money off your traffic? If you are an online merchant, how can you get people to your site to buy your products? SevenAds is an affiliate network that serves both of these functions. They follow these physics of e-commerce:

Pay-per-Mille (CPM): Some of our advertisers pay you a flat fee per 1000 impressions for their ads. Your user do not even have to click on the banner.
Pay-per-click (CPC): Our advertiser pays you based on the number of visitors who click on a banner or link. The user clicking on an ad does not have to buy anything.
Pay-per-Action (CPA): An action can be a sale, a free signup, a premium signup, or any other kind of lead, trackable motion of a user in the web. Our advertisers pay you for delivering them these leads, may it be a percentage cut of the sale and a fixed amount per signup.

SevenAds is placed in Malaysia.
Payments are sent once you reach minimum of 25 EUR and you can get them via Skrill or Wire. The terms are NET30 on request.

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