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30 th Jul 2014

MyWorld is not affiliate program itself but can help people running online store to bring more customers and also make money once their customers shop in MyWorld network.
So once you manage to register friends or shoppers to MyWorld than you profit from their shopping. Its like affiliate marketing.
What do you get?
First you need to register to MyWorld. Once you are member you can search for shops in your country which are partnered with MyWorld and see what discounts they offer to MyWorld members.
There are several ways how to apply your discount:

1) MyWorld membership card – you just provide your card in shop and discount will be credited to your MyWorld account
2) Mobile vouchers – you order voucher and than show it in shop when paying.
3) Gift cards – there are usually large supermarkets or international companies providing these gift cards. MyWorld buy them in bulk and than sell them to their members. So you buy gift card from MyWorld and than you might give it as a gift to your relatives or use it for shopping as usual. Those gift cards can be combined with other discounts in most cases. For example Tesco, Decathlon, McDonalds,… Some vouchers might be international so you buy in Italian Decathlon and can use it in all Decathlons.

4) Online shopping – once you like to shop in store that it partnered then you get also cashback. You need to install little browser plugin to track the cookies. This is good to use for example with Aliexpress where you can save around 3%.

You can make money also by referring friends, family. Than you make money from each shopping activity they make.

MyWorld donate part of their profit to charity and is only one company which is providing such services. Moreover, it is worldwide company so you can apply discounts almost anywhere in the world.

There is also option for business partners but to become business partner you would have to be very active and put down some deposit which would be returned once you generate some income by shopping yourself or by your referred members.

Register now in MyWorld and make your first purchase in 30 days so you free membership will not be closed. You might download mobile app showing you nearby stores or you can get browser toolbar to notify you once you are on MyWorld partner website, than you get also cashback.

MyWorld registration is simple. Just go to the website check further videos, select country you are from, fill in all details correctly (needed for verification) and you are done.

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