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Purebits review

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CPA, PPD and PPI, those are ways how you can use PureBits to make you money. Pay Per Install was added recently and You can sign up with their PPI services and their team will make sure that everything goes smooth and perfect. With their service, you do not have to feel worried when planning your Pay Per Install affiliate marketing program.

However, a bit of time spent researching will definitely help you know which are more productive ways to choose content for your Pay Per Install money making program. Nevertheless, they will always guide you throughout the process of building your PPI program, so that you can get the most out of it.

After you have figured out what sort of contents you wish to upload for your PPI program, sign up with PureBits and experience the amazingly simple dashboard of PUREBITS to upload the contents. It hardly takes three to four steps in uploading the content through the dashboard.

With PureBits PPI model you can use 3 ways to make money:

  • Setup Builder – simply add information about your exe and this tool would generate for you setup file that would generate money with each installation of the tool.
  • JS Integration – you can easily use simple JavaScript Integration Tool to change all Downloads from your website into installers. You will have to add JavaScript into your webpage Header and it will automatically make installers from your downloads to earn revenue.
  • Downloader

PPD money making options:

  • File Locker – file locker allows you to upload a file using PureBits platform and gives you a link to the locked file. You can upload your premium files such as apps, music, downloads, ebooks, passwords, guides, games ,etc. When a user wants to get your file using the link provided for you, he has to complete an incentive offer in order to gain access to it. Upon completion of the offer, you get paid and the resource becomes accessible to the user automatically.
  • Link Locker – it is similar to file locker with difference that you dont have to upload the file to their site but you just “hide” the link which is shown to user after completing short survey or taking some other action.
  • Widget – this is content locking feature. If you have content on your website that needs to be locked than the content is shown in the background but covered by this customized widget. After some action is performed the content is fully shown.
  • Video, Audio Locker – there are special lockers for music and video files… Music locker can help to make artists easy money.

CPA incentive and non-incentive offers:

PureBits has also classic CPA program which contains beside standard offers also Adult offers and Mobile offers.

There are also features like Offers API, PostBack, MutiGEO URL or Offer Wall. So there is option for any kind of traffic, content, user base, niche.

Payment terms:

After 3 months of well provided traffic you would reach NET7 and after 4 months once you make over 200USD you would get paid every 2 weeks. Payments are sent via Payoneer, Paypal or bank wire and minimum payment is $50. There are some other criteria for payment so please check their website.


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  1. they own lot of money to their publishers… explanation is that advertisers are owning them… looks like this is ongoing for several months.


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