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Installaxy review

Installaxy is a Pay-Per-Install network that successfully manages to monetize any website traffic. Installaxy goal is to make sure that you earn the most when using their tools. They are going to help you achieve all your goals and their team would be right behind you, pushing you and helping you to overcome any obstacles you might encounter! Choose from a wide selection of methods and tools including content locker, banners, bundling your software with their installer, or promoting their software along with the installer.

Installaxy is adding new software and right now they have “VidN Player” which is very small and efficient movie player. Install rates are not high but as you can bundle you might combine more products. With Installaxy you can make average 0.80$ per US install.
Beside bundling there is also content locker which we know from Zango or Pinballpublisher… so you can monetize very well your movie website by locking your movie or other unique content.

Netowrk has more than 3000 publishers pays NET-7 and minimum payment is from $10 and payment is via Paypal, Payoneer or Bank wire.

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