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OVERPRO pays $0.20 per US install and other countries are adding. Over pro will add free content for your site so you have something to offer for your visitors. If you have gaming related site than OVERPRO is sponsor for you. You are promoting gaming site that will generate you $0.20 per US install, $0.03 from referred webmaster and $0.01 from their referred webmaster installs. Best of all, upon signup your account will be credited $500.00.
****** On some forums this company anounced that is closing down. ********


  1. this one is a scam

  2. Ya, they are Ive gotten paid 2 months or so. But this month, they suddenly changed their policy on having other active X sponsors. I did not get this email. So they saw I had an active X running but its not often running, just a part of my mamma.com rotation, so I wasnt even aware of it and went a full month back, and changed my payout to $0,08 per install, from the $0,22 deal I had :Ya, they look for minor things to rip u off on And will even go WAY back and steal ur moneyId accept it if they would change the rate untill ive fixed whatever. But they cant take money I earnt way back, in good faith. That is just bullshit

  3. Overpro is the worst company in the world, no one should ever use them again. They too went back on 1.5months of stats and paid $0.08 instead of $0.22 shall we make a class action lawsuit This is obviously illegal. Backdating a contract and obviously more people had this same experience. Please post back if youre interested in a lawsuit against Overpro.

  4. Scam. They dont pay now.

  5. They suck badly, I wasnt even able to sign-up for some reason. Mailed them twice for that and with my signup info but got no response. This company is CRAP.

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