Cash 4 Toolbar

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Cash4Toolbar – Great conversions! Great rates! Great traffic builder! 1:15 conversion ratio with payment every 2 weeks! The most unique pay-per-install affiliate program! 25 cents per USA/UK/Canada install and 1 cent for all other countries! Get paid per install, earn money from the toolbar , and free traffic! Signup to get free traffic, recurring money, and flat rate for EVERY install!


  1. they rock I love their conversions but especially their new rate. they now pay 20 cents per premium install and show install ratio and many other things. I needed help with promotional tips and their support got back to me the next day. I give them an A

  2. During december i was earning $15 per day with and now im barely earn $2 with them. Same traffic sent to them but lower revenue. I think they shave installs.

  3. I agree with Justin, they used to pay good but since several months they suck so badly

  4. Im pulling off their codes. Installs become worse, now i have a ratio of 1:4000 for the past days. I have better install ratio at zangocash.

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