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15 th Nov 2002

You will probably find most of pay per click program in this affiliate network. If you would like to make your own affiliate program than ClixGalore is afordable solution fo you. Join this program and get paid in avarage $0.05 per click.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Solutions by clixGalore – Pay For Results Only internet advertising solutions for all e-businesses.

  2. Are you sure that ClixGalore doesnt pay Is there more people who havent been paid

  3. This compnay doesnt pay

  4. i get scamed at clixgalore,they only paid me the first time after 2 months and i have to wait 1 week to get the chek cleared at paypal,after that they stop paying. stay away of clixgalore SCAM

  5. Clixgalore ripped me off, overdrew my bank account reatedly and refuses to respond to my emails after 2 months. HORRIBLE COMPANY

  6. Being a previous merchant and an affiliate with clixgalore I discovered that Clixgalore does not require proper sales tracking for affiliates and is majorly ripping the affiliates off. This is how – If a merchant has more then 1 payment processor on his or her website, only one method is required to be tracked by clixgalore.Now this is great for the merchant, however bad for the affiliate. Most website owners use several different methods of payment to be accepted so the affiliates end up being only credited if customer buys through a specific payment type. Therefor the affiliates get shorted out of hundreds of dollars in sales So if a website accepts say a credit card processor, a paypal payment and an alertpay or egold for instance the affiliate will NEVER get paid from the other methods They will only get paid for one of them. Imagine how many sales the affiliates are actually generating and not getting paid for and this is not even including western unions or any payments by mail. The affiliates won t see a dime of any of it I also experienced that if you want to close your account with Clixgalore or get any type of refund, GOOD LUCK They obviously have made a habit of this with many people from what I ve read. They will ignore your emails 26 to be exact , Even after SEVERAL emails sent to clixgalore asking them to close my account after 4 months, they still continued to run my account nevertheless and deducting money until there was nothing left I finally had to close my bank account to get them away from REPEATEDLY taking out unauthorized withdrawals. To obtain any kind of response or refund from them is next to impossible. Clixgalore also charges a cancellation fee in which you are not aware of until you try and cancel your account. From the repeated unauthorized withdrawals they made, clixgalore massively overdrew my bank account and ruined my credit. They have done this to me and from what I read they are famous for doing this to other people all the time I would STAY AWAY from clixgalore. They are a sham and a MAJOR SCAM

  7. They closed my account as soon as I reached the payout threshhold for referals. I still had $70 in my merchant account too. Cost me close to $100. Stay right away from them


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