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ZumiNetwork offer-based platform has been proven to be the best way to monetize applications and games. ZumiNetwork is also a primary monetization platform for a variety of standalone sites. Whether it is a games site, software download site, or a membership/subscription-based site, ZumiNetwork can be easily implemented by using their content loader. Zumi offers demographic algorithm to offer best offers to user and maximalize your profits. SW developers need just to develop teir SW upload it to ZumiNetwork and they take care of the rest. ZumiNetwork is adware and spyware free way of monetization and is somewhere between PPI programs and CPA offer based content gateways. Zumi accepts webmasters who have at least 2000 visitors per day, their site is in English and does not contain porn or warez. P2P and torrent traffic is alowed. You will receive pament if you reach minimum $100 first month and other payments after $50. Payements are sent via paypal, check, ePassporte or bank wire.

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