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15.09.2009 ZangoCash joined Pinball Publisher Network – accounts are transferred so you can login as with ZangoCash.

ZangoCash was on market few years and created very strong community already. ZangoCash pays much more than other pay per install affiliate programs.

There are strict rules and one of them is that you must have top level domain name like If you do not have this than do not bother to signup because this shows how immature webmaster you are and you would not be accepted by Zango staff.


  1. ZangoCash is providing you now with original content from Warner Bross companz for your website. New content are celebrity videos and some softore movies.

  2. Complete ZangoCash Survey and win $250. Survey is only for ZangoCash Affiliates.

  3. Great News ZangoCash is now fully compatible with FireFox Our Gateways and Syndication content can now be seen and accessed by your FireFox visitors That means our programs will generate you more money. Stay tuned for more exciting news

  4. This company is the best i ve ever used. They pay always and on time If you want to make good money with your installs they are the good choice

  5. ZangoCash is doing changes. There are install rates increased for USA to $0.45 and for some other countries to $0.21 where is also Canada right now. Other change is in payments the will be send NET20 so it will be send 20th of the month.

  6. Zango increased payments for high traffic sites. So you can get maximum of $0.76 per install.

  7. ZangoCash has increased payments again. It looks like they realy want to reward their webmasters and their products are worthy of higher rates. Only quality sites get into their network and if you get there you get minimum for USA install $0.50 and max $1.20 per install. For secont tier it is $0.25-$0.60 and last Tier $0.10-$0.24. That is big increase and Zango is implementing this since 1st May 2007. So if you can generate more than 200.000 installs per month you can make $240.000 per month.

  8. Been waiting god knows how long for my payment now , very unhappy. They owe me nearly $5000 will it arrive i m not holding my breath. I feel used, ABUSED and ripped off steer clear

  9. FINALLY Checked my bank account it s nearly 3 months late but I got paid THANK GOD

  10. Update: Still not here, supposed to arrive in June. First the check got lost yeah right same for the second one and this time bank account still no sign. Really annoyed

  11. Checks are the most difficult payment at all I got 2 times check damaged with envelope so bank didnt take it. And fees are too high if you have just $50 check than the fee is $5 what is 10 . If you can get epassporte or paypal or other similar systems than do it. Than the payment is fast. Wire is also good but I dont like that my bank has some additional fees for incomming forign payments :

  12. Zango works well for me, and it is also highly suitable for sites making a low eCPM from other publisher programs.

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