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Yazzle payout $.42 US and $.21 Uk and CANDA. It has have highest payouts in install industry. There is many things to promote and you can also bundle .EXE files. Yazzle offers a wide range of new products for you to promote. From fun translators like TizzleTalk and Zolero, to brand new games like Sudoku or cool applications like Picster, there is plenty of money to be made!


  1. Contrary to some reviews about them they DO PAY ive got my first payment from them right on time.

  2. Nice try from 2 yazzle gays. Just see this posts, first added 10 minutes after my post. Bellieve me what I written is all true.Yazzle wish you before begins thousand of install and promise 2 Dollars per US install. You make few install and will get 3 cents per US install.Else Yazzle not profitable on your bussiness.Think on other company or will be nervous.Steve

  3. payments are on a net 30 basis, once the minimum is reached of course, but paid net 30 which is standard industry. ive heard that people who get a lot of installs for them get special payments..a friend of mine makes a lot of money with them, so as far as i know they are excellent and true to there word. Best, travis

  4. I have received a lot of money from them..i have no idea what that other guy is talking about.

  5. The Yazzle stuff name Roger alias Malibu without any question change of install rates from 0.42 per US intall to 0.03 US install and after question reply with words as Pizzahead, Dude etc.Roger rogeryazzle.net is think that is Big Boss and could do anything.For informations i have 200 installs per day. This is not serious.Do not work with them Steve

  6. Hi Guys Finally this week ive been paid in full for the installs done in the previous periods. The delay was caused by a misunderstanding – wrong payment infos.

  7. Todays communication with yazzle, they dont want to pay me, i will be prosecute them.23:16 malibu yazzle: ah yes, your installs are worth nothing23:16 malibu yazzle: you obviously know waht is goign on…best of luck23:16 Steve: yes i know what is gouing on23:17 Steve: i prosecute your firm23:17 malibu yazzle: u have installs worth nothing23:17 Steve: it comes shortly23:17 malibu yazzle: 200 dollars , a lawyer charges more per hour23:17 Steve: no preblem for me23:17 malibu yazzle: seriosuly, ur installs are honestly bringing in 0 revenue23:17 malibu yazzle: ur lawyer for 1 hour will lose you money23:17 Steve: yes but you pay it23:17 malibu yazzle: anyway, gotta run23:17 malibu yazzle: get real installs, we give you real money23:18 malibu yazzle signed off at Wed Jun 14 23:18:38 2006…. no comment

  8. Steve, it looks like you were using this program improprietly, that is why they dont want to pay you every install.You should be happy that they even talk to you. I hope that you will do better with them or other programs but maybe fist you should check with support if yout traffic will not violate some terms.

  9. Of course, Yazzle NO PAY and admin of this site if delete the messages, then VIES CO TA CAKA

  10. All YAZZLE representatives are big LIARS and do not pay to you. Just want lot of installs. Close the bussiness and do not do these nonsenses more.

  11. This site delete a reviews Do not delete this message. Yazzle DO NOT PAY for no one. Then plese dont clean my review, but i must write review to this site. Thanks.

  12. I had to delete some reviews because they were using bad language. If you have some normal comments than please write them here. I have been paid by Mediatickets always and Yazzle is the same company. I was talking to the support and they have obviously reasons to adjust some accounts. I can just recommend from my experience: Do NOT rely only on ONE sponsor… USE more of them so you get paid atleast by ONE. AND DO NOT CHEAT It can ruin all company and no one get paid because of you.

  13. Hi Guys. I ll spend only few words to say that if you are looking for a really serious company that pays you ALWAYS and ON TIME you just have to sign up to zangocash.com I m using them for years they pay you and their rates for each install are almost the best

  14. I am now waiting for my last payment which shoould arrive 15.03.2007. I hope that you were not right when you were saying they dont pay… Last time I was paid on time but now I am not sure. :

  15. yazzle has always paid on time. i get quality installs, so they pay me. the yare easy to talk to, so i recommend them. they make special deals as well…very nice.

  16. I have just recieved full payment via epassporte. This delay didnt have any explanation but in the final it is here and that is important. :

  17. Again recieved payment on time 16th July for Jun period via Epassporte.

  18. Today recieved payment again, this time via paypal.

  19. hey i m new to ppi industry but after zango disapproved me i thought yazzle is way to go but after reading some bad comments about them i am thinking of not to sign up with them i do not want to waste my precious time. also what do they mean by quality install do they really pay any proof what if i generate more than 500 install per day are they going to pay never heard a good comment about them like zango or any other ppi company

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