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Waverevenue is an affiliate Toolbar that pays you each time a surfer installs this Toolbar on his computer.This Toolbar is perfect for all kinds of traffic. Even for traffic that is of lower quality that is usually hard to monetize with other affiliate Toolbars. It is even compatible with SP-2. Every time one of your surfers installs the toolbar you get paid $0.60 for USA, $0.50 UK, $0.40 Frace, Canada.WaveRevenue pay you for each installment coming from 16 other countries. Since 10.1.2008 there is also paid install from following countries: Brazil-Mexico-Argentina, China-Japan-Korea-Hongkong-Taiwan, Israel-New Zealand, Switzerland-Austria , India-Australia, installs from these countries will make you $0.05 except China. Since 11.2. you get paid $0.02 for all Turkey / Turkish installs. Rates are increasing time to time… last increase was to $0.60 for US installs in August 2008. You can earn by promoting free content on your site, using our content protection to get paid for the content, Software Bundle and Encoding Tool. WaveRevenue is created from known program TeddyCash which has stopped to recieve new webmasters. So there are similar rules and same payment methods(paypal, epassporte, check, wire).


  1. I am not sure what happend but I will ask support. I know many webmasters who were paid and are staying with Waverevenu for long time because they have no problems. I was paid always on time and always got perfect support via ICQ or email.

  2. Total scam – not been paid – excuse after excuse – I am owed $500, do not trust these thieves waverevenue are the scum of the earth, totally ripped me off I hope you burn in hell you scam artist thieves

  3. sorry for my comments 2 spaces below – payment arrived 1 week late but it s all there – thanks wave revenue

  4. Total Scam, Dont trust this company

  5. WaveRevenue now pays $0.02 for Turkey Turkish instalations and also they pay some time $0.05 for these countries: Brazil-Mexico-Argentina, China-Japan-Korea-Hongkong-Taiwan, Israel-New Zealand, Switzerland-Austria , India-Australia.

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