Top 15 Ways to Promote Your Website

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30 th Jan 2005
1. Get a high Page Rank in Search Engines. It is important to optimize your website for best results:

Title Meta Tags should include your website’s top keywords. For example, if you have a Hawaii travel site it should include the keywords: Hawaii travel

Description Meta Tags should also include the same keywords

Keyword Meta Tags should include your keywords in various forms, but not more than 5 times, otherwise; the search engines will penalize you for spam. For example; cheap Hawaii travel, airfare to Hawaii, Hawaii hotels, cheap travel, Hawaii vacations,

Use the Alt tags of images to emphasize your keywords. For example, a picture of palm tree could be alt=”Hawaii travel plan”

Submit to search engines monthly, but not more than that, unless you make major changes to content. Be economical, buy and use your own software to submit to search engines. For example, Advanced Site Submitter software submits to the main 66 search engines.( see

Be sure to include a paragraph about your website which includes your key words towards the top of your website’s home (index page)

2. Join Online Forums

Discuss issues that relate to your website.

Be sure to use a signature that includes your website address and motto

Do not spam forums or they will ban you from participating

3. Buy Traffic. Popunders, Paid to Click, etc. will bring some visitors, but most of all, they help you get a better Page Rank which is in part based on average number of “hits’ and visitors to your site. Get 10,000 visitors for $22.75

4. List product for sale on,, and amazon. Having links on websites with high page rank increases your page rank.

5. List your website with directories such as DMOZ. Do a search for websites with directories which relate to your website. For example, “travel directories” put it in quotes, and you will get back sites which include those exact words.

6. Advertise in ezines which target your customers

7. Use Pay Per Click Advertising- Google adwords, Overture, Momma, Kanoodle and more.

8. Get listed in Google’s Froogle for free

9. Set up link exchanges with websites that target your customers. Try to get websites with a high Page Rank to exchange links with you.

10. Pay for banner or text links ads on pages with high Page Ranking to improve your Page Rank

11. Join a Webring

12.Send Our news Releases once a month

13. Ask website visitors to sign-up for a news letter or special offer emails. Use free gifts as an incentive to get customer to sign- up software downloads make great incentives and bonuses.

14. Nominate your site for awards

15. Do off line promotion, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and newspaper ads to name just few.

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