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2 nd Jun 2004
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Which of these words jump out at you? Well they all should. They’re all powerful words when writing ad copy. Take a careful look again at each word individually, think about the word. How can you use it in your ad?

Would it look good in bold or highlighted or maybe use a different color on it to appear instantly to the readers eyes. You know from the copy you’ve read in the past what is easy to read and what isn’t. Copy the same formula for your items. Use the above words but use them wisely. If the word doesn’t fit properly with your ad, then don’t use it. Use all that apply but use wisdom when selecting.
A good idea is to go to your local library or bookstore. Go to the section that has the information that you’re selling and stand back a little. Now which books are grabbing your attention first and why? Take notes as to the words used and the colors that first sparked your interest. Now when you do your ad copy, try several different methods using these words, applying different colors here and there. Proof read several times, get someone else’s opinion as to which copy they find easiest to read and which copy keeps their attention. Tweak it a little more if you have to and when you’re totally satisfied that it’s a work of art, test it!
Remember, it’s your baby, your ad copy, so you might be a little bias in your thinking! You might think it’s great but does anyone else! Test Test Test! Try changing a few things or words and test again. Keep careful track of your testing and after a few tests you’ll know what’s working and what’s not!
It sounds like a lot of work and it can be, but if you want success you’ll have to work at it. Enjoy what you’re doing and always keep in mind what you’d want if you were the one looking to buy or purchase this particular item. One last thing, the word “FREE” is the strongest and most important word in any ad copy. We all like freebees!

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Rick has been involved in the publishing industry for a few years now and recently has added his expertise to the online market. http://www.foundlove.biz

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