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PopUpTraffic is here very long time. It looks like there is new company managing this advertising company and I got finaly reply to my email so it looks like they are going to work with every quality traffic. You get paid $1.80 CPM for Popunders. PopupTraffic accept webmasters only from some countries so first check via email support if your account will be approved before you send some traffic. Payments are made what I know by paypal, check and wire when you reach minimum $25.


  1. I meant to say that they shaved over 80 PERCENT of my visitors

  2. Terrible. They shaved over 80 of my visitors The website has a very ugly interface, no stats… just avoid and move on.

  3. The company is now under new management so there are going to be some changes. There is good communication via email right now. Before it was realy hard to get some support.

  4. The codes don t work with very many sites. It really ticked me off. I say don t use them.

  5. We are now paying for all countries In an effort to provide better payouts, we have implemented new payout rates for all countries. In the past we only pay for unique visitors, now we have payouts for both unique and non unique visitors you send to us.

  6. Well I decreased payout limit to minimum of $25 and now I got paid for November via PayPal :

  7. Hardly any of my traffic is being recognised in its stats and they dont reply my emails

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