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NetAudioAds is Pay Per Play media is new site paying you each time someone access your site. There is no click needed from visitors… They just have to listen to 5 seconds audio advert and thats it. That is running in background so visitor is not disturbed at all. They will be in BETA up until February 1st, 2008. since than the Audio will start working. You get paid once you reach minimum of $25 and money is sent to you via Paypal, USA bank wire or check. So join this new model and get paid per play.


  1. I have been a supporter and user of voice2page and netaudioads for quite some time now, actually before they came out with Play Per Play. I use the voice2page feature on my site because plain text pages are usually pretty boring and most people have a short attention span. Attention grabber graphics and video are becoming more and more popular and actually required to try and attract more visitors and hold them for any length of time. So the internet audio concept makes perfect sense ok try this go turn on your TV and try and watch it with the sound off pretty boring right. You have to do something different to hold the visitors attention why not make it more personable. The netaudioads is a great way to monetize your site and pretty ingenious if you ask me. They seem to have figured out a way to deliver information without competing with overpopulated sites and web page limitations. The big picture appears to be that voice2page is trying to take the internet to the next level of internet communication with endless application possibilities. The facts seemed to be the search engine giants like it, the advertisers like it, so therefore it will probably become mainstream pretty soon. It does not make a whole lot of sense to try and find fault with the concept because it is probably going to be very successful regardless of the knit-pick negative comments. Anybody heard whether voice2page is going public anytime soon I think this would be a good stock buy. If you have an opinion regarding what I have said about voice2page please forward your comments to their email box support they may be interested in what you think.

  2. Yeah this site is fucking lame i liked the idea a whole lot but i cant get the fucking audio or their stats to work. it just says non payed ad and no audio ads are being heard on my site… wtf is that all about

  3. yes, KeyAudioAds is the way to go.

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