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LoudSale Media provides publishers with fully customizable coupon portals & widgets that let publishers display the latest online coupons & deals, engage their users and generate extra revenues for their site. Their portals & widgets are automatically updated with top coupons from leading online stores. By implementing just a few lines of codes, publishers get fresh up-to-date content that generates high eCPM rates, with no maintenance required on their part. What’s more, our coupon portals & widgets are fully customizable so that all coupons publishers display, completely match the look and feel of their site.

LoudSale Media technology is 100% proprietary so you won’t find anything like this on the market.

Publisher Benefits Include:

  • Grow site traffic & engage your users
  • Offer geo-targeted online coupons & deals
  • Enjoy variety of ad units: iFrames, Banners, Widgets, etc.
  • Timely payouts and superb support!
  • Winning Referral Program (refer publishers and get 5% of their earnings FOR LIFE!)

Payments are sent via Paypal, check or Bank Wire and minimum payment is $100.

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