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Loudcash is managed by Searchbarcash which will be closed soon. LoudCash pays more, you get $500 signup bonus, $0.20 per install (US and some INTERNATIONALs). You get also 5% from referred webmaster earnings. If you would like to promote only popups and not ActiveX than there is an option. CPM pays $5 per 1000 impressions. Plus you get also rewards and nonstop support. Payments are send by cheque, bank transfer or finaly paypal. Now after few successful years there is new program Zango Cash paying much more than loudcash or searchbarcash. Loudcash accounts were transfered automaticly to ZangoCash 7th Sptember 2005.


  1. i would just like to say loudcash is the best so far for payouts been with them for a couple months and made a few hundred so far and for all the rest drumcash.com does not pay out

  2. Worst technical support I have ever got from any company.They doesnt reply to emails doesnt know how to work out their code.I wasted 2 days to solve my problem but wasnt solved.They shave,scrub installs.

  3. They solved my problem everthing is fine now.Guys sorry for the previous post.They do not shave any installs.It was just a problem of code not working correctly.Anyways now my problem is solved I have no complaints.Go join this program,its great.It was just a case of misunderstanding between us.

  4. I signed up for Loudcash not long ago I am wondering if someone buys traffic from a company which accepts Loudcash popupI am more then glad to receive name of this company who sells accepts 1 popup including javascriptsBye now.P.S. My experience is to use ICQ to chat with your account manager. Instead of sending them emails. Account manager ICQ you can find under contact info

  5. Loudcash is great. Best people ever work there and they always are nice. My bank closed my account for whatever reason and i got owned. There was nothing they could do about it because the money was sent. But overall they are nice people. and there site is great.

  6. Loudcash is great, I ve tried so many affiliate progs overpro, gamma, media tickets, media motor and none of them compare to the payouts and service I get with LC. I recommend this company to everyone out there, they are really the best company on the active x market right now.

  7. Loudcash is the best. You can make here the highest profit out of your traffic and the support is GREAT

  8. I havent used loudcash yet but it took me nearly 3 days and 3 emails just to get my account activatedNever the less i shall try them out as ive heard on other threads they do pay.Try to use paypal as a payment option.Checks, Wires, blah blah.. suck.Wait paypalsucks too http:www.paypalsucks.comHeh.. anyway.. use paypal as a option atleast that way paypal can hold onto your money if they have any reason to do so.

  9. I got payments by wire always on time, without any problem. Sometimes is problem on bank side. So if you have good bank and you have all informations like account number or IBAN, SWIFT code, bank address, or other informations about beneficary bank than you should recieve your payment. You should find easy where is a problem with LC support.

  10. The NEW LC Media Protector More Installs This is how it works:When your surfers try to access one of your media files, the protector gives them a 6 second preview and then displays the ActiveX. In order to get the entire file, they have to install the ActiveX.The conversion rate is amazing and it will only take you a few minutes to set up Check out the demo and try it out today by going to the linking codes section and then clicking on Get the LOUDcash media protector. Contact your account manager if you need help to set it up. The LOUDcash Team

  11. LOUDcash is beta testing a new and hot promotional tool You can now promote sexy animated video screensavers by placing our banners on your websites. The banners link directly to our Sexy Video Screensaver Installer diamond package payouts apply each time a user clicks on a banner and installs the screensaver.

  12. If someone has problems with payments than be patient. From my last experience wire payment was recieved 7 days after payment date so it is 4-5 working days. And I think that it can be much slover.

  13. I would like to say loudcash is the great.

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