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Liftago is very unique product.

It has great earning possibilities and you can be part of the growing market. Currently is Liftago in 3 European countries Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
Liftago Taxi is a free mobile app showing offers of nearby taxi drivers. You can choose your best taxi based on price, arrival time or rating and have your ride under control!
Liftago will open soon also in UK and other cities and than it will become worldwide. So far what was promised is on its way.

There are 3 ways to make money

  • Drivers
  • Passengers
  • Marketers

How does the Liftago Community Business work?

By themselves or with the help of other partners, marketers build their community of passengers who download the free Liftago app through their unique invite links. Marketers get their rewards from the driver transaction fees with every future ride of passengers within their community.

Passengers get our free useful service. Fair drivers receive more orders for which they pay only small transaction fees. These fees are the source of recurring income for marketers who are thus rewarded for effective distribution to the right users. It’s this symbiosis which helps us fulfill our vision of hassle-free urban mobility!

Signing up as a Liftago marketer is free and there’s no commitment. We don’t ask you for money, and we never will.

As a Driver you get access to hundreds of passengers through our Liftago Driver app. With Liftago, you reduce your waiting time and uncertainty of orders from the street or from your operator. You become a favorite driver of your happy customers. And, if you help other passengers discover Liftago, you can get a share of the profit from their future rides, even if you’re not the one driving.

As a Passenger Liftago gives you the superpower to see through walls for available taxis so that you don’t have to wait.

You can choose from offers of nearby drivers by price, arrival time or rating. Route tracking option and virtual taximeter give you control over the entire ride. Your quick driver reviews help to make our service even better for everyone.

In every case is Liftago beneficial for everyone. As a Marketer you will be provided by several marketing materials like videos, business cards, leeflets,… so you can do also offline marketing and each time you use taxi you can make drivers or colleagues to join so you can make money also.

Liftago application runs on Android and iPhone.

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