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5 th Mar 2010

JuicyAds is a marketplace for Publishers to sell ad space to Advertisers. You can buy Ads and sell Ads from one account. You can easily browse websites that they are advertising on. With detailed stats you always see how is you AD or campain doing. This is adult affiliate program making money for advertisers and also for publishers. To get your account verified you will need also phone number where you receive verification code. Than you can make money as publisher by putting their ADs on your website and make money per click PPC. This has pretty good average CPM rates. Or you can advertise here for example another affiliate program. Best is doing AdultFriendFinder since in its network are asian, korean, spanish, german and also other country related dating sites. If you put these ads to JuicyAds than you pay per click from $0.01 and in average you make $0.05 per click from AFF. So this makes 5 times more than you enter. Payments are sent via Paypal, Epassporte, Check, bank wire and are sent on request every Monday. Minimum payment is $100.


  1. I m trying them out for the first time at http://www.titstitsandmotits.com

  2. Wednesday, October 5, 2011 JuicyAds.com scams both Advertisers and Publishers JuicyAds dot com is a SCAM How so JuicyAdscdot com cheats Advertiser by not paying Publishers. Basically, JuicyAdsSTEALS banner from publishers by changing the Ad codes so that banners displayed at sites will earn publisher nothing while JuicyAds dot com is pocketing full fees from Advertisers. How Do I Know I discovered something is a missed when some of my poupular sites made less than it used to be while when the traffic has also doubled due to some promotional effort. The thing is I also display banners from BlackLabelAds dot com along with JuicyAds dot com, and earnings from BlackLabelAds dot com has increased accordingly but JuicyAds dot com s has gone down So out of curiosity, I took a look at the stats, I found out only stats of certain banners is displayed at their site, I asked Jay the scam artist boss of JuicyAds dotcom . And he instead asked me your banner is Ad 123456, right And he said the traffic for so and so banner site is a very low … I didn t suspect anything then. Weeks later, I noticed their stats actually show no traffic at all for one of my most popular site I asked them again, Jay the scammer himself responded and said the site has very low traffics but stats from two other sources are telling me this is not true . How Doe JuicyAds dot com Do That Scam So, I decided to take at look at the Ad Code, guess what I found out the about 2 3 of Ads Code at my sites are completely different from the ones JuicyAds dot com are selling to Advertisers In another words, I am displaying the ad banners just for fun while he collects all the revenue generated from Advertisers. To straighten things out, I replaced the Ad Codes with the one JuicyAds dot com is selling to Advertisers many from my sites even have long term contract from Advertisers and all of a sudden, all the stats of my banners skyrocketed at JuicyAds dot com So I asked Jay the scammer what is happening He couldn t explain anything to me at all. I may be one the very few performing publishers who happens to discover their unthinkable scam – I have heard of scammers who do not pay at all, I have never heard of scammer that steal banners from publishers like JuicyAds dot com. I asked for payment, they even refused to pay what is left in my account they have been stealing 2 3 of the banners from me all the times . In the end, I have no choice but to start deleting my account and along the process, I must have alerted some Advertisers because I actually rejected many of the long term Advertisers on my site, then only Jay finally responded and asking stupid questions … But I have decided to expose their scam. You have been warned. A Victim of The Juicy Ads Scam

  3. Juicy ads is a scam. The only people making money are Juicy ads and the publishers.
    This article sums it up perfectly: http://juicyadsscam.com
    What they did with the banner is genius and proves juicy ads is a scam

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