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installerex review

InstalleRex is a unique, smart, cloud based installer, customized to your needs. I noticed this company already few years ago but it was closed for small publishers. Now they accept also smaller publishers with good quality traffic.

As Advertiser you get lots of benefits as their installs are much faster which increase successful install rates.

With over 30M daily active users in more than 200 countries around the globe who generate around 500K daily installs, InstalleRex PPI is one of the top distribution platforms of its kind in the world.

As Publisher you are valuable for Installerex as they have to provide traffic and installs to their advertisers. So happy publisher = happy advertiser = happy InstalleRex. This PPI company keeps the sites friendly and clean while maximizing the publishers’ revenue.
InstalleRex currently works with over 160 direct deals and partnerships from all around the world and therefore works around the clock.

Their fully configurable installer enables them to change the installer’s looks, feel and flow to meet your needs and present your brand using a high quality platform. InstalleRex provides you with a vast selection of recommended offers from the best advertisers in the market and lets you choose which of these offers you want to go along with your product in order to monetize it. InstalleRex enables you to choose the amount, looks and category of the monetization tools which will help you to eventually optimize revenues gained from your product installation.

InstalleRex PPI works with all sort of traffic but preferred is US and EU. They work with download portals, streaming websites, uploaders and Youtube affiliates and specialize in torrent sites.

Payments are send via Paypal or Payoneer and terms vary from publisher to publisher NET30, NET15 or NET0.

You can expect the highest rates per install in the industry. Let me know here what is your average rate. And share here your InstalleRex Payment proofs.


  1. contact me from skype to get fast approval from installerex.

    skype: yasudatech

  2. It was fast and I managed to get first InstalleRex payment… As mentioned it is NET30, However in February it was NET 28.
    I see only issue that payments are not automated and you need to create always invoice.


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