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InstallMonetizer lets you make money with installs. If you are software developer than you can bundle their EXE and make money. Their advertisers are well known names like Bing or RealPlayer and others are added.

You can now also make money if you are not SW developer. There is also “Content Wrapper” option and this let you make money with any content site you have… it could be wallpaper site, font, templates or some other “free” downloadable stuff. If you don’t have anything like this than you can use some of premade utilities or games and make people download those directly. All you need is to be honest during installation and mention that you would like to use “Content Wrapper” or products from “BigInstalls”.

They pay up to $1.5 per install. This is why are all webmasters joining InstallMonetizer carefully reviewed.

There are NET30 payment terms and minimum is $100. Payment is sent via Paypal, Webmoney, Check or bank wire.


  1. They decline genuine developers, not recommend.

  2. They don t decline genuine developers. It s my favorite service. Earnings are amazing. If anybody want to help about Installmonetizer please check this site

  3. BEST Pay Per Install network on the web. John, which software did you apply with that you got rejected. My music editor software was approved after their review. I mentioned I was leaving opencandy for them. I have few buddies which small sofwtare who also use IM.

  4. Email : SadikRick, SadikMirza100

  5. Hello, Everyone I Need A Approved InstallMonetizer Account. I Will Pay You 15$ Thanks In Advance. Asap

  6. Hello, im working with 2 best pay per install websites if anyone can get 500 installs per week then contact me i will pay you the 50 of my earning Contact at aijazalikhoso95 gmail com.

  7. Installmonetizer is now adding payoneer as payment option… so its the chance to get your money directly to prepaid Master card.

  8. Do not pay the balance of money and delete my account. Thieves!

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