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6 th Aug 2014

Today, we have some great news for you that happened in the last days in ylliX.

1.) Changes in Bank Wire payments
We have reduced the minimum payment threshold for bank wire payments to only $100 USD, so it is very easy to get a bank wire payment now.
We have also reduced the fees for bank wire payments – now it is only $20 USD for payments under $500, for payments above $500 USD, there are no fees from our side!

2.) Daily payments without delays
Our premium publishers are getting their payments daily without any delays at this moment.
In the last 10 weeks, more than 98% of payment requests have been paid to our publishers within 12 hours!
This is the way how we do it – and therefore doing business with us is 100% risk-free!

3.) Experience $30 eCPM with the Mobile Redirect Ad
It is real. We promise. Most of our publishers are getting crazy eCPMs with our mobile redirect ads.
In the last few days we are paying thousands of dollars daily from our newest ad type – mobile redirect ad. Try it today and enjoy the eCPM you have never seen.

Below is a table of the best performing countries with our mobile redirect ad unit (no exaggeration – just reality!).

Best performing countries by eCPM in the last 3 days [mobile redirect ad]:

Position Country eCPM Position Country eCPM
1. Italy $28.69 USD 11. Malaysia $5.17 USD
2. Thailand $10.69 USD 12. Paraguay $4.96 USD
3. Australia $9.71 USD 13. El Salvador $4.78 USD
4. Norway $7.66 USD 14. Argentina $4.71 USD
5. South Korea $7.44 USD 15. India $4.50 USD
6. United Kingdom $7.18 USD 16. Poland $4.26 USD
7. Spain $6.20 USD 17. Guatemala $3.97 USD
8. Qatar $6.05 USD 18. Japan $3.88 USD
9. Taiwan $5.65 USD 19. Jordan $3.97 USD
10. Germany $5.37 USD 20. Hong Kong $3.73 USD

Anyway, we are paying for traffic from all countries and we are seeing very good results in all the countries including Philippines ($3.50 eCPM), Pakistan ($2.02 eCPM), United States ($3.34 eCPM) and all other countries.

Take the opportunity and put the mobile redirect ad up on your website today.

You can find the simple javascript code in members area so all mobile traffic would be automatically redirected and better optimized.

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