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  1. they sucks and they dont pay ever they even ignore you

  2. They are a totaly CRAP company. they dont pay, they dont answer emails. its a SCAM

  3. They dont pay, they dont answer You cannot reach them using email from their website or using the whois-fax and telnr.Stay away from this scam

  4. They suck

  5. They suck and dont respond I want part of the class action law suit. If anyone is in Florida, please contact me and we can subpoena them locally for doing business in Florida. Dont deal with them.

  6. why do you say this have you reached the minimum $100 payout or are you just bitching because your site didnt get many hitsclickthrus as you wanted and expect them to lower payout for you like everyone else that has bitched about themi have been paid twice

  7. As far as i know, they dont pay. Ive seen many members complained that they never get paid. Search in google for drumcash scam and youll amaze how many websites warn you to avoid signing up for the program.

  8. too al those that care i am taking them to court. i am teking them in for a class action suit and for every account over $500 a personal charge of grand larceny and everyone over $100 and under $500 larceny. on top of that i have gotten intouch with the fbi internet crimes unit. if you want in email me at admininnettv.netthanks

  9. THIS SITE IS A FUCKING SCAM It has been over 6 months that I have over $350 in my account now, and they still wont send or reply to my emails. If I ever find the head of that site, I am going to choke the fucking life out of himher.

  10. there contact information.Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. Whois Agent dbysgnpywhoisprivacyprotect.com 1.4252740657 Fax: 1.4256960234 PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1 CO drumcash.com Bellevue, WA 98007 US

  11. Why do you say that he does not pay. He does.

  12. I have too much bad responses. Prove that they pay and I will remove it from not paying companies.

  13. good

  14. Hi all, anyone get paid from drumcash, im reading so many bad things all the time about them.

  15. Drum cash needs to pay me because they suck really bad I like to hack and I m have the I.P to fry so ass and track you down and pay all in court. Who ever came up with Drumcash is a real shit head LOSER. and if you don t like that do something about it email me or call bitch 513-461-3819 Thats my cell you fag .

  16. Drum Cash owes me about $1,000.00. I have requested payment several times without any response. I put up a lot of money in advertising their website and have received nothing.

  17. They ve been around for years. They ve never paid anyone. They re never going to pay anyone. Stop using them.

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