CPM Leader

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If you want to get paid for every impression than CPM Leader is right choice for you. This network is suitable for sites with less traffic. You can also buy ads for very good price. They pay from $0.01 to $1.15 CPM for US traffic. Good part is that minimum payment is just $1 and is paid by paypal once or twice a month. CPMLeader is even accepting other advertising networks so you can have more advertisers on your website. So lets put their banner on your website and watch how much it can make.

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  1. I have just registered with CPMleader and implemented their code on my site so will give it a month with them to see what they are like and my rates. If you want to know what their ads look like have a look at my site http://www.theSarayiahpost.com . Was using Google Adsense, but not getting many click throughs despite high traffic.

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