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28 th Jul 2006 offers your traffic LIVE video and audio chat on your site FREE! This site is geared for adult traffic. You get over 1500 FREE drop dead gorgeous models that upsell for you. Keep your members coming back for more and more! Live content all the time means more renewals. You earn 20% commission on all sales forever! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your revenue generation.

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  1. I was a CAM Model on If you are looking to Model on this site DO NOT chose this one. They have the WORST Customer service and their rules are absolutley ridiculous. On my second night on there I was holding a vibrator in the free chat room, and they suspended me. After 3 weeks on the site and picking up a large Fan base they suspended my account for having sex in the nude chat with my boyfriend. They sent me an email requesting his photo ID, which i sent them that night and they are saying they never received it so i was terminated indefinitley. I sent them the same information 4 times. There customer service is horrible and there video quality is terrible as well. Since doing research on other sites and seeing that you GUYS are paying so much for this. It is my opinion CAMS.COM is a rip off. You are getting very little for the great amount of money you are spending.

  2. Rating is worst. CAM.COM is a scam. I ve been affiliated to CAM.COM. I tried to get my money, but they would not pay. I sent the Customer Affiliate helpdesk, but they would not reply. is terrible.

  3. don t trust their affiliate network especially with, they keep your earnings and leave you with nothing, it s true and their statistics data by far is the worst and customer support are terrible. SPREAD THE WORD.

  4. NO HAGAN NEGOCIO CON CAMS.COM, son un total fraude, te vienen con el cuento dizque que los clientes hacen chargebacks y te suspenden el pago de los cheques con la excusa de que si el trafico se mejora ellos haran el pago pero la cuestion es que nunca se mejora y al final se quedan con tu dinero, sin decir que la pagina para que veas los stats esta llena de bugs, que a veces no te marca la venta ni el dinero. CAMS.COM ES UN TOTAL FRAUDE, NO HAGAS NEGOCIOS CON ELLOS.

  5. Have recently started promoting I am having problems with the stats, they just don t add up,and after 2 e-mails to them, and also trying to contact them through ICQ, I have still not had a response. The stats are confusing and the Customer Service is complete s t. As far as I m concerned, they can stick there f ing cams as far up their own a holes as they can reach.

  6. i want to leave but i don t know how.i joined by a terrible accident.

  7. I was thinking about joining myelf, but now will not. Does anyone have a suggestion as to another cam site that is fair to the models

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  9. i was purchase for fro 3 model in fanclub after i pay next day no videos i cintact cams. they do not answer no refund no nothing at all and i cancell my account they still renew me monthly bad site to many trickers

  10. realy sucks website cheating no help no answer they promis for refund they dont i pay for 5 model they delete movie clip from website this pulshit

  11. is a complete rip -off. The models are scam artist only out for money. Do not think they will be your friends or gf bf. They are only interested in your wallet. The site double charges. No clock in private. Bought $100 in credits and for $3.99 private and my show was over in 5 minutes. No refund. If you complain they will ban you or take your review off the site. All the sites are the same and the models are liers and scam artist. Bottomline dont waste your money

  12. This website is a pile of shit. Ripped me off by saying my account had suspicious activity reported by one of the models all I did was made a new account since the site doesn t let you change your name. Total fucking scam I will happily kick the shit out of the prick who owns it.

  13. more lik. Appalling Scamsters The models can take a lot of money within a single second on a Group Show and then cut you off. I have complained to but they wil not refund or do anything about this appalling behaviour. Dreadful website – avoid at all costs.

  14. OK, not to be off topic or anything but please let me say this to HonestOne: Dude what are you like 5 The models are scam artist only out for money. Do not think they will be your friends or gf bf. Are you kidding me Do you know that over 95 of them models on whatever site on the web adult site make a living out of this Do you know that many of them are married with children OMG Wake up people The adult industry is not about finding a girl fired or a boy friend duhhhhhhhhh

  15. There is a problem at there is corruption and Believe it or not the guy who runs it from Vegas is missing a leg and he loves to shot guns so that there is a bad combo. If you don t watch out he can make your life misserable just like his is.

  16. There is a problem at there is corruption and Believe it or not the guy who runs it from Vegas is missing a leg and he loves to shot guns so that there is a bad combo. If you don t watch out he can make your life misserable just like his is. There is many other sites that you can use I can tell yo

  17. I am not interested in Free Cams,but the unsubscribe does not work, so I get a lot of unwanted e-mails from them.

  18. Its great to find out reviews regarding this one. Ive joined their affiliate and also accepted a site as part of my affiliation which Im promoting. I really hope they are not scammers and I will see the dosh. Ive had 7members for 1year period but see now payments to my account. Obviously it must be something strange Havent really contacted them or anything so far but will do to pursue regarding the stats. Thanks to all of you who has reviewed cuz I would neva have known any better.

  19. Although i did manage to get a few screenshots of one girl right after she came out of private, i message several different girls reply true if you are actually there and the most i got out of them was : that was the only one to reply, also the one i got screenshots of so it is my conclusion that it seems like they are just replying old video clips of models who are no longer active. My advice DON T BOTHER

  20. I used to push Pussycash but they don t pay their webmasters. I had over 1400 dollars owed to me. So I tried and I am very happy with these guys. They do pay and on time

  21. Stay away from CAMS DOT COM , the way they work is for security purposes your first 2 payments are made via manual cheque , and they dont make your 3rd payment until both cheques have cleared their system… I put both cheques into my account , and my bank cleared them both, but they (DENNY L AFFILIATE MANAGER) claims the first cheque was never cleared… therefore i am not eligible for my 3rd payment… This is how they operate, pay u your first 2 payouts to gain your trust, then your put all your focus on promoting their site, but you wont receive and further payments, i have been waiting for over a month, now when i email them , my email is returned.. ( post master failed..ect ) so they blocked my email. The owe me over $1000.00 STAY AWAY FROM CAM (DOT) COM / STREAMRAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO WORK FOR FREE

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