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BLVD Media Group (BMG) is an incentive ad network that specializes in publisher website tools. Unlike other tools, BMG focuses both on performance as well as visual appeal. The accessTool was developed as a way to protect and monetize premium content. The accessTool may be customized to require the user to fill out an offer (survey, zip/email submit, short form), pay a small fee via Paypal, or opt-in to your database in order to access content. The skin is easily customized. Background and foreground images may be changed to look exactly like your site. New offers are available every day, so repeat visitors will always have the opportunity to participate.

BMG has also developed the rewardTool. This tool was designed for points incentive sites or membership sites that use a credit system. The tool manages every aspect of running campaigns including: 1) adding and removing offers, 2) crediting users, 3) geo-targeting users, 4) fraud prevention, 5) duplication blocking, 6) customer service and 7) reporting. The rewardTool may be customized to display any type of reward and its value is set according to the site owner.

Payments are made by Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit. The minimum is only $1 USD, so you will get paid every month!

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