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I was looking long time for such company and here it is. Bin-Layer.DE is converting most German traffic but recently they added also other advertisers and they pay also for US traffic and also some other European and Worldwide traffic. For DE traffic you get up to 6,00 € and yes earnings are in EURO so compared to other programs paying in USD this should make you more money. You can use different promotion methods (LayerAd: 4,00 €, HybridAd: 6,00 €, PopAd: 2,00 €) These are rates for German traffic. Overview of other country rates is in members area where are also nice stats and tools. Payments are sent on request once you reach minimum of 35EUR than you receive your money in 1-2 weeks since this request. Payments are sent via Paypal or bank transfer.


  1. I like this website because it is the scammiest, shadiest looking place I ve seen in a long time. I expecially like all of the blinking banners.

  2. Binlayer.RU the company which operated under franchise from Binlayer GmbH , with the permission of Alexander Alexander co-owner of the project Admitad GmbH was granted a franchise binlayer.RU. The project closed, there are still many people who have not paid compensation. I have not paid more than $ 2000.

  3. these miserable sons of bitches keep messing up my browsing by stealing the website and rerouting me to their advert. I would NEVER buy anything from their advertisers

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